Currently we have developed several prototypes for the measurement of the temperature.
The latest version is manufactured using a micro antenna and a PCB nano-board that transmits the temperature to one APP installed Android phones through NFC technology, i.e. which does not need any kind of battery significantly reducing its size.
Which is on testing on controlled environment. Ongoing R&D is to reduce even more the PCB and antenna size
We used in the device main PCB which holds the main communication ports and IC is currently on patent process (pat search: PCT/ES2016/070494).
WITO approach is to develop biosensor capable of performing Dielectric spectroscopy using two electrodes that have contact with vascularized gum tissue or the skin
The evolution of the product is based on the addition of new sensors to measure new biological data for disease control. In this case the glucose levels in blood is the feature to be clinical tested and approved.
e-bracket module
Smartwatch module
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