It envisages a growth potential of wearable and implantable devices in the coming years due to the increased use of smartphones and the developed of the ILO (internet of things).
There are currently various devices capable of measuring parameters such as heart rate or the level of saturation of oxygen. These devices still have a not strictly clinical scope and apply to establish an aid to correct habits of life or in sport.
Beyond this use there is a demand growing of new technologies by users associated with mobile phones that can be measured in a way validates and contrasted together values such as temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and mostly glucose for through portals physicians to help in an effective manner to many patients.
On the other hand there are numerous applications called APP used by different medical organizations and health insurance companies both at the level of the EU and USA, using body values to keep track of their patients in a manual way. Integration through various APIS in the main App would make it possible to quickly access the market and provide added value to these service companies.