Wito concept is based on a modular device which could be adapted to monitor several biological indicators using Bioimpedance.
The device applies a very small electrical current , which leads to efficient extraction of glucose from the body into a chamber in the patch. the past several years, electrical bioimpedance has gain popularity for its potential use in a wide range of applications.

Impedance-based devices have been developed for many applications , e.g. body composition analysis , electrical impedance myography  or impedance cardiography .
The glucose sensor detects the level of glucose and stores the data on an internal memory platform.
The technique utilized in this device has been the subject of extensive studies with over twenty (20) clinical reports in the public domain, and is the only non-invasive technique to have been approved by both the FDA and EMEA (European Medicines Evaluation Agency).
The effectiveness of the CGM device in blood sugar control facilitates therapeutic adjustments to avoid hypo-glycemic and hyper-glycemic excursions.

wito Proof of concept

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